"TheCookingSpoon – each one is an original"

We‘re starting to build a reputation! Our novel and exclusive TheCookingSpoon is back in new, wonderful editions. Thanks to the outstanding response it received, the sought after cooking spoons are now obtainable in our SpoonShop and at our renown SpoonPartners.

Gift yourself or your loved ones! The exclusive TheCookingSpoon is an outstanding choice – literally the perfect gift in excellent taste. No matter for which holiday or occasion, TheCookingSpoon is a unique gift and always absolutely “one-of-a-kind”.

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Meet “Toni & Toni“ TheCookingSpoon’s limited Edition

It’s the first TheCookingSpoon-series in cooperation between a celebrated chef and an eminent vintner. One is Toni Mörwald, one of Austria’s top 3-toque chefs. And the other distinguished vintner Toni Bauer from Feuersbrunn.

“Toni & Toni” epitomize a love for their home region, it’s finest wines and foods and the sustainable art of hand-making them into memorable culinary experiences. Their “Toni & Toni“ limited Edition (RED & WHITE) translates exactly these qualities into a timeless, high-end companion for any kitchen.

Both share a passion for their products and for culinary delights. Now they also share their very own, hand-made cooking spoon from Austrian company BarriqueAffairs, from a limited edition capped at 100. The treasured collector pieces represent the relationship to high-quality wine, food and cooking in the expression of sustainable crafts work.


A view into production

The haptic and sensuous feel of the wood, how it has been worked and its smell tells the individual story of each and every cooking spoon. The outer aroma layer disseminates its scent and the singular color distinguishes it.

TheCookingSpoon – brings tradition, hand-craft, a story and a special flavor to your kitchen.

TheCookingSpoon are hand-made from valuable barriques/wine barrels from selected (Austrian) wineries. Depending on the size of the barrel, 20 to 30 cooking spoons can be produced. The barrel staves are catalogued per winery and each cooking spoon receives a serial number of the back of its handle, referencing the name of the winery and the wine matured in it. A certificate in the package assets the authenticity of the spoon

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