About TheCookingSpoon

What‘s TheCookingSpoon

The worldwide first cooking spoon with a unique history outstanding history and excellent taste!

TheCookingSpoon is based on the idea to produce cooking spoons out of unique barrique barrels, where valuable wines were stored and left their matchless aroma in the wood. Each spoon tells its own story about its maturation and its origin. As a collector's item, this unique and exclusive cooking spoon lives on in the kitchen and spreads its unique aroma and flair.


Used wooden wine barrels are provided by premium wineries from all around the world. These are numbered and catalogued per winery, vineyard and wine produced in it. Then the barrels are taken apart and their staves are carved into high-quality cooking spoons in elaborate craftsmanship. Each cooking spoon is unique and handmade! Each cooking spoon has its own serial number milled into it. A maximum of 400 spoons per winery and series in made in matchless limited editions.

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