TheCookingSpoon News

TheCookingSpoon received the GOLDEN PIXEL AWARD 2016.

The Golden Pixel Award is Austria’s most important distinction for progressive and innovative printed products – handed out in 16 categories.

TheCookingSpoon received the Golden Pixel Award 2016 in the category packaging.

The interplay between various factors such as idea, quality, product and sustainability was appraised; respectively also the entity of results from the cooperation between client, agency and printing shop. Not only the final product is rewarded, but emphasis lies on the entire project idea.

We are very proud to have won this prize with our exquisite high-end packaging! Thank you very much to Printing Company Bosmüller and Printfinisher Simsa.

Jury statement of grounds: Anybody, just by looking at the cooking spoon box, immediately senses that this is no trivial content. The packaging instills curiosity in the observer. He must open it. Fastening and interior confirm the first impressions. The haptics and fine surface as well as the functionality of the packaging are harmonious and without unnecessary affectations.

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