Winery Gesellmann

The Gesellmann Winery focusses on indigenous grapes. First of all the Cuvée Opus Eximium, which blends the native grapes Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt and St. Laurent to an ideal accompaniment for fine dining.

Cuvée „G“, from the grapes Blaufränkisch und St. Laurent, also plays a leading role and inspires with an autochthone clearness, refined by the over 80-year old vines. Since 2005 we have been vinifying „hochberc“ – a monovarietal Blaufränkisch, that unites the characteristics of vintner, grape and vinicultural area with finesse. Further among the top cuvées is Bela Rex, a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, in which the vintner shows his prowess with international grape varieties.

Gesellmann’s vineyards and their location also bring along the best pre-requisites for precious whites: Chardonnay Steinriegel captivates with a fascinating diversity of aromas with fine mineral undertones. The classically cultivated Chardonnay shows the vintner’s passion for honoring the grapes typicities. Over the past years, Albert Gesellmann did intensive research on the grape vines in his vineyard and decided to shift to organic cultivation from the vintage 2011 onwards. The wines mirror this careful handling of nature. In cellar technology, the emphasis is on spontaneous fermentation, the resulting wines impress with a strong character.

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