Winery Sattlerhof

Winery Sattlerhof is one of the leading, internationally renowned wineries in southern Styria; a family business that cultivates 100 acres mainly with Sauvignon blanc. Hannes Sattler invites guests to his exquisite hotel and restaurant to enjoy total indulgence.


This vineyard site, sheltered in a small basin facing south (365 MASL) is cultivated only by Sattlerhof and offers prime conditions for all burgundies (Morillon/ Chardonnay, Pinot gris and blanc). The terrain of shell and coral limestone enables delicate yet expressive wines with a mineral spice to them („Gewürzsträußl“) and high aging potential.


The vineyard site stretches between Gamlitz and Leutschach, planted mainly with Sauvignon blanc. The unique composition of the soil – calciferous sands with muscovite, manganese and iron – as well as the altitude of the vineyards (450-550 MASL) gives the wines a highly distinguishable spiciness with substantive fruitiness.


Sernauberg is a vineyard site located in a south-eastern basin with very steep inclines (up to 70%; 385 MASL) planted with Muscatel, Sauvignon blanc and other grapes. The fine sandy soil offers ideal conditions for aromatic, floral wines with a silky-soft structure.

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