Winery Wagenristl

Our vineyards are on the gentle slopes of the Leitha range. The particular composition of the soil together with our region’s special micro-climate create a unique terroir not to be found anywhere else.


The Föllikberg site features heavy, calciferous and fertile sediment soils that offer best conditions for many grape varieties. Our vineyards stretch up the slope to the hill’s high plateau and are planted with Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling Italico, Yellow Muscatel and Muscat Ottonel.


The Leithaberg wine region is named after the mountain range which forms the east most spur of the Alps, marking the border between Lower Austria and Burgenland. Our vineyards are on the south-eastern and -western slopes between Kleinhöflein and Müllendorf. They have perfect alignment towards the sun; the altitude and wooded mountain range providing cooling influences. On these sites the grapes ripen slowly, as mirrored in their fines aromas and intense flavor. The calciferous soil gives an added mineral touch. You can actually taste Leithaberg, as proven by its DAC-status as protected designation of origin.


Kreideberg, named after the chalk mined there since well a hundred years on the southwestern slopes of the Leitha-range. Only a small strip of woodland separates it from our vineyard in “Ried Obere Hurten”. The barren soil and chill of the woods make for wines with a deep mineral note and cool elegance. Pinot Noir and Blanc as well as Blaufränkisch are grown here.


Setzen – are among the oldest and best-known sites in Burgenland, first documented in 1570. The south-eastern orientation at the foot of the Leitha-range creates a particularly warm micro-climate. Together with the sandy to loamy soil on a stony underground – the ideal conditions for strong red wines with great potential.


Reisbühl finally is the most valuable site on the Leithaberg. Exceptional grapes of our most powerful Blaufränkisch are grown sheltered from the wind on the south-eastern slope of the mountain between Groß- and Kleinhöflein

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