Winery Gager

Our winery and the people behind it.

For meeting our own high standards regarding the quality of our wines, we make great efforts to support nature at best possible.

100% of our family works in the winery – but all the work could not be done without the assistance of our committed employees. Our high-quality aspirations and careful cultivation of nature ask for this.

Wine is not a science for us – but a way of life, a feeling. All people working with our wines carry this spirit in them. It is our people who make the winery and the wines to what we are.

Wine with character!

"Terroir" – the traditional French term – has turned into the slightly controversial catch-phrase in the wine industry over the past years. We do not want to contribute to the discussion whether it’s use is meaningful – but we do subscribe to the concept. We are at home in a region known for its heavy, argilliferous soil – a soil which contains many nutrients thus creating a full-bodied foundation for our wines.

Our climate is among the warmest Austria has to offer and provides sufficient sunshine for the vines. But we want to show more than just our natural resources in our wines – but also the literally well-rooted to the soil people, the long history of wine-growing in our region and the many small things that make it special.

Enigmatic, texture-ous and solid with a haptic structure, a down-to-earth character and a distinct connection to our region. That is what we aim at preserving in liquid form and filling into our bottles – and only if we have achieved that will we write GAGER on it!

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