Winery Reeh

Performer // Hannes Reeh

young, unconventional and uncomplicated. The vintner, born 1981, took over the winery from vintage 2007 onward, runs the family business. With support from sister Kathrin and parents Hans and Ingrid.

Hannes laid the ground for managing the family vineyards with his studies at Austria’s federal oenological academy in Klosterneuburg and sojourns in renown Austrian and international wineries. After an internship at home in Burgenland he went out to explore the wine world. In Germany (Winery Koch, Pfalz) and Australia (Veritas Winery Rolf Binder, Barossa Valley) Hannes Reeh gathered experience and insights into the international wine business. From 2003 to 2007 he was winemaker with John Nittnaus‘ winery in Gols (Burgenland). And in autumn of 2007 he vinified his first vintage in his own winery in Andau (Burgenland, right on the Hungarian border), since then in charge of the entire wine production.

Backstage // Winery

Winery in Andau: Over generations the Reeh family did mixed farming. The expansion into wine making was only 20 years ago. Until then, the grape harvest was sold off to other winemakers. In order to process the grapes properly, a new wine cellar was built in early 2011 – receiving its first harvest in September of the same year.

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